GTI Mobile is part of GTI Telecom which is the telecoms service provider division of GTIGroup who have been providing consultancy services to the Telco & Internet sector since 1994.

GTI Telecom was formed to address many of the short comings that G.T.I.'s consultants have witnessed within the telco industry. Too often savings are not passed onto large customers unless they question bills (or as is more often the case, threatened to switch suppliers) and far too frequently small & medium businesses (SME's) are completely neglected as they are not thought to provide a high enough profit margin.

GTI Telecom aims to change these "features" of the telco business. We pass on savings we are able to negotiate with our suppliers, automatically, to our customers and we ensure all customers receive the same high quality customer care (no matter how large or small they are).

We have a simple philosophy that has shaped our business structure ... we believe the best way for us to achieve growth in our business is by helping you to grow your business (and helping you reduce your expenditure). As the larger your business becomes the more telecom services you will purchase from us.